Credit Cards

There are a lot of choices out there for credit card processing and is can be a difficult job trying to figure out which one is best for your business. Rapid Retail Solutions has always been in the business of selling and servicing point of sale systems for restaurants and retail outlets. One of the most key components in POS systems these days is taking credit card payments.

To be competitive in today's market place, you have to take credit card/debit card payments. Less and less people are carrying cash, either for security reasons or just the fact that it's easier to use a card than it is to go to an ATM. Either way, you don't want to turn away customers, so you need to take credit cards.

The things that make Rapid Retail Solutions stand out from the pack are:

  1. Low Rates – It's a rare occurrence that we can't provide the lowest rate to you. You always want to be wary of companies that give out a flat percentage rate across the board. We work closely with the processing companies to guarantee that we can provide you with the lowest rates.
  2. One Stop Shop – Since credit card processing is such an integral portion of the POS system, why not use someone who understands all aspects of the POS industry and not just one piece of it.
  3. No Application or Startup Fee – We do not charge any fee to submit your application or open your merchant account.
  4. Experience – Rapid Retail Solutions has been in the hospitality and retail POS business for over 40 years and the credit card processing business for over 10 years. We have accumulated a vast level of experience in that time that lets us provide excellent support and service.

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