Digital Signage




Click Here to see a full screen DEMO of Digital Menu Boards with Digital Signage in action.

One of the newest innovations in the Quick Service POS world is Digital Menu Boards and Digital Signage. Now you can change your menu without having the expense of calling a sign maker to redo your menu boards. And with HDTVs steadily dropping in price, equipment costs are minimal.

Digital Signage also allows you to broaden what you can show to your customers while you have their attention looking at your menu selections. You can have rolling pictures of your products displayed on the same board as well as videos or subsidized advertising. Customers can be notified of upcoming events or special occasions. The options are virtually limitless!

Changing the items displayed is simply a matter of editing the displayed content, kept on a server, rather than repainting the signage or having it re-lettered. The menus can be setup to rotate on a scheduled time basis to allow for morning menus which automatically shift to lunch and/or dinner menus without out user intervention.

And let's not forget about the "WOW" factor of a polished menu accompanied with moving or changing images of your dishes. As all of the cooking shows say "Eating starts with the eyes".

And Digital Signage isn't limited to just the menu boards. All types of things can be displayed on the signage: videos, live TV, sports and news feed tickers. Pretty much anything that can be displayed on a computer can be displayed on your signage. Imagine displaying a live football game and advertisements for your products displaying right beside it.