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Quick Serve · Dining · Bar & Nightclub · Delivery

Quick Service and Counter Operations

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RPOWER's Quick Service and Counter Operations functionality increases operator efficiency and accuracy, speeding up customer time at the register. RPOWER has built-in several features customary to improve your point-of-sale performance and maximize your return on investment. RPOWER can accommodates a secondary LCD at each register for looping video advertisement without costly needs for thrid party software. The RPOWER Pole bug, a virtual pole display depicted on the customer facing LCD, removes the additional cost of a traditional customer pole display. RPOWER Flash Pay allows for small dollar credit card transactions to process without the need for printing or signature capture. Couple these features with RPOWER's Customer Rewards Programs as well as its system reliability and see what a powerful point-of-sale system can do for your establishment.

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Virtual Pole Display

The RPOWER Polebug, a virtual customer display mirrors a traditional customer display, always showing item dollar amounts and customer totals as the order is being placed. This has been designed to run simultaneously with looping video for customer facing LCDs, removing the costs of a traditional pole display unit

Kitchen Video Display Systems

Go paperless! RPOWER's Kitchen Video Display System requires no third party integration or additional workstations. KDS runs as a secondary terminal from your already existing point-of-sale workstation. Features include: Bump-bar or Touch-screen controlled, bump-forwarding(to secondary KDS terminals or printers), bump-dependency, check recall, checks display running time, server, table name, items with multiplier notation and modifiers.

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Why Buy POS Software When you can Try it

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Fine Dining and Table Service

RPOWER Restaurant POS has developed features catered specifically towards the Table Service environment. Intuitive operations for splitting checks, menu coursing, and fire/held ordering reduce time at the POS terminal, keeping the service staff attention on the customer. RPOWER also includes built-in features to increase staff awareness and simplify in-house communication with employee messaging, count down/86 notification, and menu item/specials description capabilities. Smart ordering software with forced and unforced modifier selections complete the order process while minimizing touches. Integrated high-speed credit card processing with definable capabilities for off-line processing and security overrides for multiple single-card transactions, tip percentages, and validation printing provide flexible controls for payment processing and advanced credit card security. RPOWER's Table Service software provides the unmatched stability and dependability our customers demand while providing the software tools to simplify order entry operations while keeping the management team in control

Customer Rewards Programs

RPOWER gift and customer rewards programs extend far beyond the basics. From the availability of Internet multi-store gift cards to scalable Frequent Diner and Loyalty Rewards programs, RPOWER lets you cater to your customers. Not only are these programs affordable, there are absolutely no transaction or recurring monthly fees. You can also utilize RPOWER to handle all of your House Account needs with monthly statements and billing.

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POWER's graphical table layout

The RPOWER Graphical Table layout provides a comprehensive look at the current state of tables in your establishment. Twelve dif- ferent color codes denote table status from initial seating to a dirty status enabling your staff to table manage with increased effi- ciency. The RPOWER Graphical Table layout screen also includes quick action buttons for printing guest checks, paying/closing checks, firing held orders, and duplicate round ordering.

Bars - Clubs - Lounges

Bar & Nightclub

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The speed and simplicity of RPOWER's Bar & NightClub configuration provides for lightening fast order to completion time without sacrificing detailed item tracking. Cash transactions can be completed in two touches taking less than a second to complete an order. A credit card pre-authorization of funds can be started with each new tab securing payment and protecting your liability from customer walk-outs. High-speed credit card processing allows credit card authorizations to be completed in under 5 seconds, keeping your bartender in the flow of business. The speed and simplicity of RPOWER's Bar and Nightclub system paralleled with its core reliability is unmatched in the industry and continues to place RPOWER in some of the most demanding environments in the country.

  • Pre-Auth/ Duplicate ChargeNotification
  • Speed of Order Entry
  • Spotter Display
  • Drawer Compulsion
  • Blind Close
  • Automated Price Changes
  • Inclusive/ Exclusive Tax Options
  • Multi/Single-Site VIP Programs
  • High-speed Credit Card Processing
  • Text Insertion for CCTV
  • Bar Video Display
  • 3rd Party Liquor Inventory Integration

Bar & Nightclub Management Features

RPOWER also excels with management utilities specific for the bar & nightclub industry: Our Spotter Display flashes order transactions totals and change amount due on the entire screen for easy customer & management monitoring; Or have RPOWER integrate with your cameras to overlay item ordering text insertion on your CCTV system; Drawer compulsion settings to require a closed cash drawer in order to ring items; Opt to require a "Blind Close" for cash drawer operators with-holding sales and cash totals without management permission. Integrations to the industry leaders in liquor management solutions such as BarVision, ScannaBar, Freepour, and BevInco. Configurable VIP programs for special guests with Pop-up note reminders for special services for a single site or multiple locations. RPOWER's Bar & Nightclub POS system provides the tools and features you need to promote a unique customer experience and keep your operations running smoothly while maintaining control of your staff.

Delivery - Take out - Quick Service

RPOWER's Inclusive Take-Out & Delivery Module

RPOWER's simple Windows configuration and minimal installation footprint create ironclad stability in the workplace, keeping your focus on the customer and not on your point-of-sale system. Day in and day out RPOWER operates at the level you would expect from a mature and time-tested product. Product updates are always thoroughly tested and certified by our development team prior to release to ensure problem-free maintenance for our customers.

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The RPOWER Delivery Dispatcher

With four different views: By Driver, Running (Out for Delivery), New Orders, or All Orders (Current & Future), the dispatcher displays the checks you need to see when you need to see them. Runs are created simply by selecting the run number (zone), touching the desired checks and then picking the driver. On driver return batch printing and check closing are simple one-touch operations.

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Customer History - Last Order Recall

RPOWER stores your customer order history for a defined time frame: six months, year, etc. The most recent order is displayed first for each customer and a simple one-touch displays any past order detail. RPOWER makes these past orders available for simple re-ordering, not only making recurring orders a snap, but also educating the phone attendant with customer tendencies for up-selling and relationship building