Retail POS

POS Software Overview

InfoTouch offers two retail POS software packages - Store Keeper POS™ and Store Manager™ ES . Both are designed from the ground up for use with touch screens and work in a wide variety of specialty retail markets. Both products runs under Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows Embedded for Point of Service.

For most single store retailers, Store Keeper POS™ is an amazingly affordable and robust product. Choose Store Manager™ ES for chain store customers, for customers that have custom vertical market requirements, and for customers who do not wish to process credit cards through Mercury Payment Systems.

Feature Store Manager™ ES
pre-defined vertical templates for major specialty retail markets
Custom vertical market templates
Integrated payment processing through Mercury Payment Systems
Additional payment processing interfaces
Supports up to 60 registers per store
Supports multi-store retailers

Register module screen shot - Gift Store vertical

Transactions are performed by touching buttons or by using a bar code scanner. All buttons can have any combination of text and pictures. All common retail transactions are fully supported including special orders, layaways, refunds, post voids, receiving, and customer payments.

Inventory lookup screen shot

Inventory items can have optional pictures which display during lookup along with the description, price, quantity on hand, and location. Store Manager™'s support for inventory control is unmatched and includes such special features as kits, serialized inventory, multiple units of measure, suggestive selling, and mix and match discounts.

Customer lookup screen shot

Customers can have optional pictures which display during lookup along with the customer name, number, telephone, and message. Account balance, credit limit, store credit, and loyalty points available are shown when relevant. Special pricing for customers as well as tax overrides are invoked as soon as a sale is linked to a customer.